Sunday, August 13, 2006

Know Your Erogenous Zones

I don't mean doing research on yourself here. I am talking about making sure you konw the erogenous zones generally - and the differences between men and women here ...

Lik eyou would in a good session of sex and foreplay ... concnetrate on these in your hot scenes.

It works!
Friday, August 11, 2006

Between the sheets ...

It was so cold this morning that I just snuggled right back down under the covers when the alarm went off. There was no way I was rising to the cold air just to have my nipples freeze in pain.

I laid there thinking about you.

I wondered about the drive you are on and how long those roads must be feeling. Lonely. Long. Wet. I worried for a moment about your being out there . Though you know I try not to, because the worry drives me crazy when we are apart.

I miss you.

I miss your hand sneaking over my side in the morning, with your hardness pressing in to my back. I miss your soft kisses on the nape of my neck, and warm breath blowing my long har away from my ear.

I miss the way you wriggle and roam around my body until you are convinced I am thinking about exactly what you are thinking. Most of all I miss the wordless dance we do before we start the day.

Wish you were here. It's cold without you.
Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Tantric Sex

So I am asked at this workshop I am running about writing erotica ...

"Do you ever write about tantric sex?"

I think to myself ... 'sheesh ... read about the stuff, never tried it ... no idea how it would work in an erotic piece ... whoops better answer the question at hand'.

I say: "No. Have you? or Have you read erotica that was describing tantric sex?"

A ten minute diatribe ensued ... this guy went on and on about tantric sex (Get the pun here?).

I think ... 'if tantric sex goes on and on and gets this boring I don't wanna know about it. Good old foreplay plus good raunchy sex is fine by me'.

He's still a talkin' ... people are getting bored ... I need to do something ...

The point? Erotica is not about what you like sexually or an autobiography of your own sexual preference. Too much of a sexual experience being described RUINS a really good story ...

Keep it simple and only just long enough to get a few juices flowing ...

I mean he talked and talked ... it bored me silly ...thank god no one has guessed who I am to know what I was thinking as the person running the workshop ...

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Hey! I THOUGHT I was pretty hot ... but now I KNOW

You Are Super Spicy

You're a little bit crazy, a little bit naughty, and a whole lot of sexy.
You go beyond hot - you set people's senses on fire!
Are You Hot?

So does anyone want the job? Ha ha!

I love quizzes!

Your Seduction Style: Fantasy Lover

You know that ideal love that each of us dreams of from childhood? That's you!
Not because you posess all of the ideal characteristics, but because you are a savvy shape shifter.
You have the uncanny ability to detect someone's particular fantasy... and make it you.

You inspire each person to be an idealist and passionate, and you make each moment memorable
Even a simple coffee date with you can be the most romantic moment of someone's life
By giving your date exactly what he or she desires, you quickly become the ideal lover.

Your abilities to make dreams come true is so strong, that you are often the love of many people's lives.
Your ex's (and even people you have simply met or been friends with) long to be yours.
No doubt you are the one others have dreamed of... your biggest challenge is finding *your* dream lover.
Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Applying the Soft Lens

I've heard a few comments lately about whether characters in erotica need to be perfect looking.

I would suggest not.

Perfect characters rarely work in ANY writing. People need to have flaws to be real. So add a flaw or two. And if necessary, apply a "soft lens" to make the imperfections easier to deal with.

I for one feel more inadequate if my lover is perfect looking! Give me a break!
Saturday, July 29, 2006

Early Morning Light

There is something about the early morning light coming through the cracks in the blinds on a Saturday morning. Something sensual.

There is something about your hand wrappying around my belly stroking the satin against my skin as it settles to a spot that makes me quiver.

There is something about hearing your breath quicken and heat my neck as you begin to waken next to me.

There is something about smelling you in the morning. And feeling so warm cuddled under the covers from the long night before - knowing there is no rush this morning.

There is something about feeling your cock pressed against my lower back as you try to work out if I am awake or not. And as I push my back towards you I feel it grow as our bodies begina their dancing conversation.

There is something about knowing that my wet cunt will soon have you ... and that I can control both your pleasure and mine should I choose to.

There is something about knowing that neighbours will again hear our passionate cumming on a Saturday morning while we take our time to pleasure each other totally again and again.

There is something about knowing that you love me in all this and that my body longs for yours as much as you do mine.

There is just something about knowing a good fuck is going to be the beginnig of our weekend again ...
Thursday, July 27, 2006

Writing About Sex

Don't know how to get it right?

Then practice.

Like all writing it's best to practice lots.

Maybe you just need to write about sex in your diary/blog/journal everytime you have it, or fantasise about it. That might do the trick.

(If you are blogging it ... do the right thing by your partner and make it anonymous or get their approval. I don't want to be blamed for anything here!).

Now get out there and have more sex ... all in the name of your erotica writing exercises that is!
Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Starting a piece ...

How you start a piece is like the most critical part of writing ...

In erotica writing you ahve two basic choices.
  1. To start straight away with something that gets the reader's attention (or juices flowing); or
  2. To build characters from an action statement.
You don't have too much time in erotica to let your reader know what kind of erotica youa re writing. So somewhere in those early lines you need to get your introduction to your style out of the way.

I like the shock apporach within a few paragraphs. I have occassionally used it totally up front. It is always fun writing erotica because you get to control your reader and take them through a set of emotions at your pace ... and you know (when you write well) that they will have no choice but to come with you ...

"... as I stood there in front of my wardrobe, doing my usual Monday morning procrastination about what to wear, I felt your eyes staring at the dimples that sit just above my cheeks. Even though we have been together for so long, I still feel a tinge of self awareness when I know you are looking at me naked.

Or maybe its because I know you well? I know that you don't even notice my tan g-string. I know that your mind is wandering, even though it is Monday morning. I know that if I sneak back under the covers this morning that I will be met by an eager cock that I love so much. And I won't be able to resist.

Before I know it, I won't even be thinking about being late ... I will be holding that cock so soft, as I envour it with my hot mouth. And there will be no turning back. A soft slow dance will happen between us, with no audible words spoken until we are nearly cuming ...

Damn .. now concentrate girl. What am I going to wear for work today?"
Sunday, July 23, 2006

I wanted you ...

I really wanted you this afternoon .... and you totally missed the clues ...

I looked at you with my hair still over my face ...

I kissed your lips so soft, so moist and so sweet ... and my hair tickled you ...

I laughed and sat on your lap ...

I played with the soft nape of your neck I love so much ...

I breathed warm air next to your ear ...

I place my hand on your crotch and slowly slowly pulled away while watching you ...

I was naked and lying on the bed moaning ... just thinking about you and calling your name ..

Don't you love me anymore?

Play Nicely With Another Erotica Writer!

We like to share in this business ...

All kinds of things ...

Check out The Life of An Erotica Writer .... it's a great read ...

Sick of the same old questions about sex!

Gee you must have a great sex life ... do you?

Like anyone's it has it's ups and downs and strange positions.

Do you write from experience?

Experience is essential. I can't imagine a total virgin writing erotica ... however I don't write about my own sex life ... Or do I?

Are you an expert on sex?

God no! I love sex. I want to know more ... but I feel like I am more an expert in relationships, building sexual tension and WRITING.

Is erotica just pornography?

Not good erotica no. And 'good erotica' is what this blog is all about ... well, that a bit of stuff about large cocks to suck and play with when you first wake up in the morning and are feeling wet and horny and you would rather have a salty taste in your mouth than toothpaste ...

Friday, July 21, 2006

Paul Gavin - Writer, Blogger

Go check out Paul .... he knows what good writing is!

Paul Gavin - Writer, Blogger

How Do You TEST your own erotica?

"How do you test your own erotica to see if it is working?"

I was asked this at a seminar I spoke at today about this genre of writing. I thought it was a good question. So here goes.

You write the story. You agonise over every word and re draft and re draft until it seems perfect. Then you put it away. This is the real key. You put it away for at least 48 hours.

Then you get it out. You get it out at your least horny hour of the day (you know the one ... that split second in your day where sex is NOT on your mind). You lie in bed, all comfy and stuff, and pull out your short story to read.

If your erotica passes the test you will do the following:
  • Find your hand moving over your breast ... only to discover that your nipples have gone hard ...
  • Your hand will move downwards ... so slow you hardly notice that you have the feeling of soft flesh beneath your hand ...

  • Your fingers will be playing with your clit ... and you have a feeling of pressure slowly building up in your belly ...

  • But you continue to read. For this is your job remember?

  • About now ... you feel a little flushed, a little excited. You wonder if any of the people you live with might accidentally pop in to the bedroom and see you with your legs splayed, hand on your cunny, and hips rising to the ceiling ...

  • At this point you don't care. You accidentally drop your script ...

  • Your breathing increases, you shake a little with the anticipation of being caught out ... but know that you cannot stop the events you have just started ...

  • And you give yourself the greatest physical plesaure of all ... the perfect orgasm.

    One you have created. One you have timed perfectly. One you drove yourself to. One that proves you write well.

What's wrong with sex anyway?

What do people have against sex?

Good writing is just that. Good writing.

Good erotica only really survives when it is backed by good writing.

There are some great writers in the erotica genre.

Let's stop the bias against them ... by just admitting that ...

I'm sick of feeling like a second class writer just because the mechansim I use to tell my story is linked to sex. I mean what's wrong with sex anyway!!!!!!
Friday, July 14, 2006

What's Sex Got to Do With It?

Let's be reallly honest here. What has sex got to do with good erotica?

Good erotica is good writing. Good erotica has tension. Good erotica draws great word pictures. Great erotica takes the reader on a ride full of tensions and suspense. Even better erotica leaves your imagination room to grow a little.
"So where does the sex come in? "

Guys who read erotica seem to like an effective line or two that is really explicit and has "pussy being pumped". Women who read erotica like to get in to the whole emotion of the stage that the chracters are playing on ... and while women love the sex scene as much as the guys, they are more in to the playing of the body and the reactions .... a little like real life where women like the foreplay as much as the sex.

What do you like best?

Thursday, July 13, 2006

What colour whip?

I have the most gorgeous pink whip.

I love the smell of the rubber whenever I open my drawer of playthings. It looks up at me everytime I open that drawer and begs me to take it out for a play.

The feeling of the soft rubber as it flays across my breasts makes me grind my hips towards the ceiling so hard I feel like I might be an actress in the Exorcist, ridding myself of a demon. A demon inside my cunt just waiting to burst through.

Be careful of that demon if you are entering me. It will crawl from me as much as burst from me. It will enter you where you know it will hurt ... it will be inside you and go from warm spot to warm spot inside your body. A demon that can only be released from you with the pulsating of an orgasm.
"And it will grow in you and make you take action on all your dirty little fantasies ... it will create spaces for you where you recognise your dirty dreams and have to act ... every dirty little fantasy that is so dark you have shared it with no one will have to be acted out ... "
But the erotic demons only emerge from us when the whips, and riding crops and latex are involved in making our bodies hot and making our blood run faster around our bodies. My pink whip brings the demon to the surface before you even realise it is around. You think the pink on my rubber whip means it is soft and safe. But it is just part of the bag of tricks my erotic demon has in it's glad bag ... so be careful when you cum ... but be even more careful when I cum, and you feel my hips rise to press in to you, and my body writhe uncontrollably, and you are inside me ... as my erotic demon is looking for a new place to stay for awhile and it might be that you are the next hot victim...
Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Warm hands ... on a cool night ...

I felt the heat before I felt your hand ...

Sliding across my back and towards my breast it slid, as you pushed your body to my curved back in bed.

I love that feeling ... and my nipples react accordingly to your touch ... and even if we only move on to sleep and not make love ... the warmth of that hand on my breast takes me to the place where erotic dreams stem ...
Monday, July 03, 2006

The Cafe Strip ...

... you know when you sit at the cafe strip and people watch ... you actually leg watch. I mean it's like being a child or a dog ... all of a sudden you are put at the level of legs ... thighs to be more exact.

I am not a leg (or thighs) person.

There is no sensuality in it ...

The only erotic motion I can get out of the cafe strip is watching people who watch ... watching for reactions is much more fun that leg licking ...
Friday, June 30, 2006

Thoughts Are Slippery Suckers ...

My thoughts wander randomly at the best of times ...

When I meet new people I do look at them with great interest, but not they don't end up in my writing.

I do listen for hints about sex, sexuality, sexual experiences and alternative lifestylers though ...

If I am feeling a little erotica coming on I will also take a polite peak at crotch areas, ears, breasts, shoulders, ankles ... different body parts take my fancy with different people ... and sometimes a single view of someone might just inspire a line or two in a short story ...

... or ... on a randy day ... a little day dreaming on the train on the way home about having lily white breasts pressed against mine, with a grinding hip and moist wet lips enveloping me and not letting me move away from the wall I am pressed up against ...
Thursday, June 29, 2006


Why is it that in my imagination I am slimmer and my skin softer?

You are stronger and desire me every moment we are together - or apart.

My breasts feel indulged ... and my cunt is moist.

Your member is always in ready mode for me and I can feel him through your clothes every time we touch.

My belly loves to be exposed and respond to your soft, yet assertive touch.

And I look great in leather and latex!

Imagination is great for ones ego ....
Thursday, June 15, 2006

What is the Most Erotic Liquid?

Now there are many possibilities here ... and with the exception of the obvious warm and slinky bodily fluids ... what liquid would you pick and why?

I figure milk is the most erotic fluid because:
  1. It is smooth and silky ...
  2. It froths up so well and frothy milk can be a great plaything ...
  3. You can bathe in it and it wraps around you ...
  4. Warm milk soothes nerves ... anything that calms also induces possibilities for eroticism ...
  5. It's white and milky like :-)
Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Be Erotic for International Webloggers Day!

Let's take the blog sphere by storm ... let's write erotically on our blogs for International Webloogers Day June 14 2006!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Let's start with a dictionary quote (Australia's Macquarie Dictionary no less) ... "a longing or craving" ...

What do I long for ... right now? (That is ... let's get to the wrontica writing stuff!)

  1. Warm strong hands upon my flesh ...
  2. A body pressed up to mine ...
  3. Urgent breathing in my ear and upon my chest ...
  4. Winter Sun on our naked skins ...
  5. A fullfilling of a wet moist space ... ready to be filled
  6. A joining of heartbeats and moaning ...
  7. A striking of muscles, spasming in unison so strong I feel like passing out ...
  8. Feeling faint from the pleasure ...
Friday, June 09, 2006